It all began with a couple of boards for my own use...

Anyone who has watched a top shaper at work will appreciate why I value their work so highly. These guys are the Leonardo Da Vincis of our sport: excellent technical designers, artists and craftsmen rolled into one. Their boards are much more than just another product; at the same time they're complex technical devices with top-end performance and hand-made sculptures with soul.

For many years, working together with local shapers at the spots I visited has been an integral part of my surf trips. The countless boards made have helped me enormously to discover new facets of the sport on the water and develop my riding potential further. Don't let the board be your limiting factor!

However: not every new board is a clear step forward. Some ideas turn out to be an illusion in practice, while other concepts from the various interactions of outline, rail shape, rockerline, bottom shape, volume distribution, as well as fin and footstrap position have proved to be suitable.

It's obvious that not all of us have the time to test and develop all options and every variation themselves... Hence our vision came to fruition, to unite the experiences of competent shapers and riders from years of trial and error and use this knowhow to build an excellent choice of boards, instead of – as is standard in the industry – introducing new products at all costs, driven by marketing cycles.

With this idea in mind, on our trips around the globe we invited some of the best shapers in the world to build a series of stoked Signature Boards. Custom designs in limited numbers, which have the essence of their decades of experience embodied in the technical standards of today. Designed in 'stoked' blue and white livery and fitted with high quality accessories made in small batches like stoked Footstraps and stoked Deckpads as well as the best fin systems available from Future Fins and MFC.

The result isn't just the best boards I've ever ridden, for me they are real works of art, handcrafted from masters of their trade. Now we have made a handful for you too. And meanwhile we have expanded the product range to include stoked Boardbags and the first collection of stoked Missiion Shirts too. All stoked products are available now along with the KITE & WINDSURFING GUIDEs in the shop on this website.

We hope you'll enjoy the ride – it's all about getting stoked! Udo